Homemade Herb Teas

I dry out herbs, fruit, flowers, essentially anything I can fit into my countertop dehydrator. One of the things I like to do with these dried ingredients is experiment with natural teas. 

Citrus spice blend

Dried orange peel

Dried rose petals

Cinnamon sticks

Crushed, dried mint

Green tea

Mix equal parts into spice grinder. Leave extra course if using a tea diffuser or French press… Or make your own tea bags out of coffee filters here. I restuff commercial tea bags after emptying their contents. 

I like the citrus notes of this blend, so I turn down the cinnamon, however you can adjust the taste as needed. 

Detox green blend

Green tea

Coriander seeds

Fennell seeds

Crushed, dried mint

Dried orange peels (optional)

Run the coriander and fennel through a spice grinder for a few pulses, then add other ingredients.

Coriander is a metabolism booster found in many detox blends and green tea is a fat burner proven to help detox and shed belly fat if consumed regularly. I added just a little orange after my first batch of this blend because I thought it complimented the coriander. If you have flax seed, you can add that in to intensify the detoxing properties. 

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