Citrus Olive Oil Soap DIY

This recipe creates 4 sample bars (2 oz each), however can be adjusted for loaf.

8 oz Olive oil melt and pour base 

Zest from lime, lemon, orange

Citrus essential oil

Citrus castille soap (optional)

I did research on using fresh or dry zest, and found many that did it both ways. Using fresh will decrease the life of your soap, but dried will be more abrasive. I actuallu used a combination of both. I keep citrus peels and pop my dehydrator to make diy potpourri and vase filler, so I had some dried orange peels. The other citrus I grated the day of making the soap. 

1. Melt the base 

This time I melted in the microwave, since I was only making 8 ounces. Melted 30 seconds, stirred then worked in 10 second increments until it was all melted. 

2. Slowly stir in essential oils and castor oil 

I slowly stir in order to reduce bubbling of the soap, however too slow, and you’ll have to reheat your base (which I had to do once). I dropped in about 1/4 tsp of each because I really wanted a citrus scent on this bar.

3. After cooling for a few minutes, drop in citrus. Fold in slowly. 

This is where you should spray the top of the soap with a little rubbing alcohol in order to reduce surface bubbles. I did not have any, or at least I couldn’t find it, so I used a cheap body fragrance spray that I got I don’t know how many Christmases ago because I knew most of those sprays have some alcohol content in them. Low and behold, it actually worked! 

4. Pour into mold. Spray mold with rubbing alcohol (or body spray) before pouring. 

5. Wait a few hours, then pop them out. I was making sample bars, so mine are shallow bars at 2 ounces each. 

Since I will eventually be selling my soaps, I broke the cost down and estimates that each sample bar cost me about $0.71 each (rounding up). Note: I always bump my cost estimates up to “worst case scenario”.




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