Oatmeal Cinnamon Soap DIY

My first attempt at DIY melt and pour soap was quite a success. I ordered some melt and pour soap bases from Wal-Mart on a whim last week so that I could get above $50 and receive free shipping on some Christmas gifts I ordered.

For this recipe, I used the white goat milk soap base, which came in a 32 ounce pack…and I used the entire package for this project.


First, I cut up the soap into about 1/2 ounce chunks, which were too big, and took a while to melt. When I do it again, I will take the time to grate the soap for a quicker melting process.

I did a lot of research before embarking on my first soap DIY, mainly because this was one of my more expensive endeavors (by my standards). Many sites said microwaving the soap in 30 second increments is fine, but I did read a few that admitted to burning the soap that way and suggested sticking with the double-broiler. So thats what I did. 


After the long melt, stir, add, stir, melt, stir, and stir and stir… I was left with a thin, milky liquid at about 130 degrees Fahrenheit. I used the entire pack of soap base, which produced 4 cups liquid (32 oz).

To my melted goat milk soap base, I added:

4 tbsp ground oatmeal

2 tbsp vanilla extract

2 tbsp ground cinnamon

Note: I cheated and used a Quaker Oats package, because thats what I had laying around. I ran it through a few pulses in the spice grinder, but I am not sure I would grind it if I did it again. I think I like the look of the larger chunks of oatmeal in the soap.

I had planned on adding food coloring and possibly honey to my batch, but I got a lovely color without needing to add any artificial colorants. (I love it when things work out, especially without having to spend any more money)

After mixing in the oatmeal, vanilla, and cinnamon, I poured the warm mixture into a silicone meatloaf plan that I found at Tuesday Morning for $4. While still warm, I sprinkled on some whole oats and a little brown sugar.

The soap took about 3 hours to fully set, then I chopped it into 1 inch bars, wrapped in parchment and a homemade label. And there you go, oatmeal cinnamon goat milk soap. I will be giving these out for Christmas gifts, and possibly trying to sell a few on Facebook.

The soap base cost around $12, and the rest of the ingredients I had laying around the pantry. However, I would estimate about $0.25 in cinnamon, $0.50 in oatmeal and $0.30 in vanilla. $13 made me 9 bars at 3.5 oz each- an average of about $1.45 per bar (max).  If I sell these, I plan on $3.50-4 a bar. At the flea market last weekend we saw them on sale for $6 per bar minimum.

I am completely new to this soap making, so I am learning through trial and error. I noticed my soap seemed to have a soft, almost slimy quality to the touch. Not wet, not necessarily soft, but did leave residue when held. I don’t know if that is just the property of goats milk soap or maybe the addition of the oatmeal. It was of no concern to me, but I will be experimenting with different additives and textures.


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